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It stands to reason that without a successful student visa application, no amount of time and effort spent on identifying the correct course/location will help you achieve your goal of studying abroad.

CAREER BUILDERS DIRECT are experts in guiding you through the visa application process.

CAREER BUILDERS cannot of course make any guarantees that you will be successful in obtaining your student visa. However, we can give you total assurance that if you are a serious candidate with real intentions to study abroad, you are significantly increasing your chances of achieving your goal.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using CAREER BUILDERS’s excellent student visa guidance programme:

FACT: The vast majority of total student visa applications from Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya during 2011 were REJECTED.

FACT: The vast majority of CAREER BUILDERS administered student visa applications from Nigeria during 2011 were SUCCESSFUL.

Why are so many students rejected a student visa, even if they appear to have adequate financial means?

FACT: Many of the students who are rejected a student visa actually do have the financial means to pay for their course of study and all associated expenses with living/studying abroad.

So why do they get rejected a student visa?

  • Lack of understanding from the applicant as to what information is really important to the countries High Commission here in Nigeria
  • Documents not completed satisfactorily
  • Incomplete financial documents or insufficient evidence of financial capability of the student or their sponsor
  • Lack of thought by the applicant in how to present their case to the Visa Officer

So how can CAREER BUILDERS help in the visa application process?

CAREER BUILDERS managers/counselors have many years of experience of guiding student visa applications. This experience allows the CAREER BUILDERS staff to:

  • Give a thorough examination of all documents supplied by a student and point out areas within the supporting documents where a student may be vulnerable to rejection;
  • Show a student how to present their application in a favourable light. In most cases, they have to form an opinion of you on the data supplied in the written application and supporting papers only)
  • To give a detailed explanation on how to maximize your chances of obtaining the all important student visa
  • To give a broader perspective to the student on all aspects of their student visa application
  • How to present the financial position of the student or sponsor in a manner that is likely to give maximum confidence to the Visa Officer that the funds are available for study purposes

CAREER BUILDERS enjoys a cordial relationship with the some embassies. In the event that you are unfortunate and your visa application is rejected, it is possible that CAREER BUILDERS can request Countries High Commission  to reconsider* their decision without the need of a second visa application

*Please do note that CAREER BUILDERS will only do so in cases where we feel a genuine and obvious error has occurred


…so why take chances? Put the odds in your favour – contact your local CAREER BUILDER’S office to assist with you student visa today!

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